5 tips for 20 years old women

Girl Tips for Beauty1. Create an Exercise Program
Physical activity will help keep your body healthy and strong. Thereby reducing the risk of disease, reduces stress and protect your bones and joints. Your classes must be not only challenging but also fun and relaxation. Diversification physical load dances, kayak, do not be afraid to try new things, now is the time.
2. Healthy eating habits
Stop worry about weight and pay attention to their health. Many fruits and vegetables and cereals are the key to it to feel good and look like this. Reduce chance to get osteoporosis after years by introducing more calcium now. You’ll find it in cheese, milk, green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, tofu). Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, so a walk in the sun more.
3. Protect your skin
It is never too early to start caring for your skin. Care now, thank you in the future. The key to beautiful skin is not in the soap you use. It depends on what you eat, what sports, if you are under stress and even the environment in which you work. Adoption of adequate vitamins and minerals, wearing sunglasses, visit the dermatologist regularly for preventive check-ups will help you look great after years.
4. Not deprived of sleep the night
The insomnia affects memory, concentration, makes us more susceptible to infections and injuries, enhances the level of stress. If you have trouble sleeping, try to lie down and get every day at the same time to adjust their biological clock.
5. Cope with stress
Stress is everywhere around us, but you can not allow you mowed. Breathe – deeply, slowly and diafragmeno – this will allow the energy circulates in a full body and not allow stress to enter.

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