5 simple tips to lose weight for the summer

Woman FruitWeakening is not so easy task as it may seem to those who never challenged this view. The process involves first the presence of strong will and some deprivation which undoubtedly create discomfort. Anything better to talk about the nature of the festivities plump women, men still prefer slender. They subconsciously choose precisely such as human psychology is structured so – obesity is considered a health problem, but the husband wants a strong woman. Despite all the “variations” evolution is not can be defeated. Here are some tips, which are derived from practice and proven work:
1. Buy a scale
Although there are hundreds of ways to alleviate the number of people suffering from obesity, not reduced and the trend in our country proves it. Diets are not appropriate for all medicines and supplements are not effective enough, and for some even suspected harm. Exercise is a great way to weaken, but not all have the will or desire to do so. If you buy a scale (it is desirable that it be electronic), you may experience changes in their weight to the nearest 100 grams. Hauled every day at the same time, you can find out what makes you fill and what you contribute to weakening. This will help you control the effectiveness of different diets and methods to use.
2. Exercise
Everyone knows the axiom for weight loss – should be consumed more energy than you get with food that is should no longer move. It is best to start training at home. Immediately after waking, and do exercises for 15-20 minutes. Scales will show that this can only be weakened by 50-70 g per day. For 30 minutes every day and do the walking. Use every opportunity to walk away.
3. How to eat
Start breakfast (even if you do not eat), but not very thoroughly. Decline in the use of fresh products during the day and giving preference to fruit – mainly apples. Try to make full lunch, but always get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. And required at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you comply and these tips will lose a further 50 grams per day.
4. To speed up the outcome!
For the main means always believed steam bath (sauna) and sodium of the body with spirits of turpentine (which is made from pine resin). When falling on the skin, it opens the pores and capillaries, man sweat heavily, your body heat as in active sports. The results show that after such a procedure may be slowed by 3-4 kg per month. France did the baths are popular with pine resin, which forced the blood run 2-3 times faster, but evidence shows that regular procedures in a month reduces weight by 5-6 pounds. The bath should be taken at least two days for 15 minutes.
5. How to reduce your appetite
In the process of weakening is normally a strong appetite to increase. There are herbs that can help you: linseed, willow herb (willow herb), duckweed. They will help you deal with are “stress” after 18 hours and will help your weight loss by another 1.5 to 2 pounds.

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