5 easy tips on How to reduce cancer risk

how to reduce cancer riskToday we will give you five tips on ‘How to reduce cancer risk’. When we eat healthy food every day and move enough, without having to specifically go to the gym, we reduce our cancer risk by about one-third, says Michele Forman – Professor epidemiologist.

Five tips on How to reduce cancer risk

1. Regular exercise
Exercising in the gym or pool, fast walking or gently jogging for at least 30 minutes a day for at least  5 times a week  for both adults and children
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
They contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber that are effective in preventing cancer. Besides anti-cancer qualities this diet has a positive impact on weight. It should however be remembered that it requires a sufficient quantity and variety – at least 5-6 servings per day of a mix of fruit and vegetables.
3. Avoid smoking
Smoking has been proven one of the main factors for the drastic increase of the risk of cancer in recent years. Quitting smoking has an economic effect – money saved can be used for purchasing healthy foods and gym subscriptions. This tip is a very obvious one in the quest of how to reduce cancer risk.
4. Do not stay long in the sun
Oncologists predict that despite growing awareness on the dangers of the sun for long periods of time cases of skin cancer will continue to grow. Lack of protection from ultraviolet radiation is the main cause . Sun protection is still seen by many as unnecessary and too expensive. The truth is that as lotion with SPF 15 absorbs up to about 93% of the sun, it is not necessary to purchase expensive SPF creams.The same rule applies to sunglasses. sunglasses. Instead of the newest model of prestigious brand is quite safe to choose glasses whose lenses stop about 99% of UV rays and can be purchased at a department store at a very reasonable price.
5. Regularly visit your doctor for a check
For the best  prevention have a thorough check with your doctor once a year and learn on self detection of cancer education.

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