4 tips for temporary losing weight

AppleWith just a little forethought and a few additional minutes you can be confident that you always have food handy useful. Thus weakening will become much easier process. It is possible to achieve your goals as you stick to a moderate, flexible and easy to follow diet, controlling calories, but also lets you eating your favorite foods. Try these 4 practice advice and no longer hungry:
1. Be prepared for hunger!
Eat 400 calories every 4 hours to quench hunger. When you eat throughout the day is less likely to overeat and hunger in the evening. So keep your blood sugar and (and energy) balanced metabolism – fast and mood – stable. All this leads to weight loss without effort.
Keep healthy long-term products (eg nuts) to hand in the drawer at work or in your bag to prevent excessive hunger and not succumbing to the temptation to eat food from which napalnyava.
2. Avoid the temptation in the supermarket!
What you bring home is what you will eat, so make sure you bring healthy things. Make a shopping list and stick to it when you go to the store. These lists will protect you from unplanned pillaging shelves with chips and sweets.
3. Prepare your food after you bring home!
When storing the store a few minutes to prepare something healthy snack later. Wash and clean vegetables, separate portions of snacks, dried fruit and nuts and put them in small bags, put the washed fruit in a large bowl in a visible place. Next time you feel hungry when you’re ready for something healthy to eat.
4. Make subtle exchanges of food!
When you, choose ingredients with low fat recipes for: skimmed milk instead of 2% low-fat mayonnaise and cheese instead of regular, light dressing instead of whole milk, turkey instead of beef fat cream instead of plain. All these foods with lower fat content contain fewer calories per portion thereby helping you stick to 400 calories per meal. Limit calories and fat in your favorite recipes by reducing fat and sugar with 1 / 4. This does not affect the taste of the dish.

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